Triceratops (Schleich)

The famous three-horned Triceratops! Great detail on the skull – the beak and the horns around the frill.

Triceratops (Schleich)

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2 Responses to Triceratops (Schleich)

  1. I bought this one a while back and I really like the pose and the shape of the body. It looks really dynamic and not overweight and somewhat frumpy, like a lot of ceratopsian figures and models do. It has an athletic look to it which I find quite refreshing. I also think the face looks so cute because it reminds me of a dog that is having it’s chin tickled.

    It’s horns are very hard though, so if kids are going to play with this, make sure they don’t go to stab anyone with it. It could easily take an eye out.

  2. This is my Favourite Triceratops, i love the pose and detail in the face.

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