Brachiosaurus (Invicta colour)

The invicta plastics collection of replicas is the official line of the British Museum of Natural History (now the Natural History Misuem, London). They can still be found now but they were especially popular in the 1990s (thats when I aquired my collection – my first and only complete set of any dinosaur line). Each figure came in two vesions, a plain colour version, and a painted version, like this Brachiosaurus, the largest model in the collection. For such a huge chunk of plastic, this model is very majestic! The largest Brachiosaurus individuals found to date were probably over 14 metres tall!

Brachiosaurus (Invicta)

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  1. as far as i know, the invicta classics were not available in th united states in the colored versions. I saw them only at musseum web sites and always solid color versions. they stopped being sold here (nys) in about 1990 when they were relaced by the inferior deteiled carnegie collection

  2. Whoa! I didn’t realize the old BMNH line came in two versions! All I’ve ever seen is the plain color one! Sweet! My only one in this set is the Triceratops plain color model which I picked up during a stop-over in London on my way from the US to southern France in the late 1980s. I’d like to see your entire BMNH collection – is it posted on the web?

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