Iguanodon (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

Toyway, (the company who also produced the Walking with dinosaurs toys), created this new collection of dinosaur toys for the Natural History Museum, London. Although they are nicely packaged and generally more accurate in posture and anatomy than the old invicta plastics line they replace, they simply don’t hold a candle to their predecessors. They don’t have the same quality of moulding (the details are crude) nor the fluid realism of the invicta line – very disappointing in most aspects. The Iguanodon is in an accurate quadrapedal pose, but I’d rather have the outdated kangaroo-like original any day.
Iguanodon (Toyway NHM)
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  1. I particularly like the Invicta Sauropods. The two I liked least are the Invicta T-Rex and T-Tops.

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