Archaeopteryx (Bullyland)

The first bird Archaeopteryx from Bullyland – it is produced at a relatively large scale (about 8 cm high). Two-legged figures are notoriously difficult to balance, which is why this figure has a built-in base to support it, also allowing the tail to be held out horizontally. The clawed wings in this figure are spread out. Although the mouth is closed, the rows of sharp teeth are visible. Available here (€)
Archaeopteryx (Bullyland)
For native Bullyland fans: Der erste Vogel, Archaeopteryx, von Bullyland – wird in einem verhältnismäßig großen Masstab produziert (ungefähr 8 Zentimeter hoch). Zweibeinige Abbildungen sind oft schwierig aufzustellen, deshalb hat diese Abbildung eine eingebaute Stuetze. Dadurch wird auch der Schwanz horizontal gehalten. Die Krallenbewehrten Flügel sind ausgebreitet. Obwohl das Maul geschlossen ist, sind die Reihen der scharfen Zähne sichtbar. Vorhanden (€)

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  2. I’m putting together a library diorama on evolution, and have been looking for a model Archaeopteryx. It completly baffles me that there aren’t more toy Archys; you’d think it’d be famous enough to be represented in every line!

    I guess I’ll have to settle with the Bullyland, the Kaiyodo one is too small. That’s another thing, the animal is almost toy sized in the first place! This thing is practically MADE for toy production! WHY ISN’T IT OUT THERE AAAAUUUGH

  3. What do you imagine theri colors were and did the males do when looking for a mate

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