Spinosaurus (Skeleton) (Kinto)

Another dinosaur replica for the serious collector – the Spinosaurus skeletal reconstruction by Kinto. Spinosaurus is a very poorly known dinosaur – all of the original fossil material was destroyed during World War 2 – and even those remains were incomplete. Therefore, despite its huge popularity in recent years, the anatomy of Spinosaurus is largely based on its close relatives, Baryonyx, Irritator and Suchomimus, and much of the skeleton in this magnificent reconstruction is speculative. However, it is very accurate in all known aspects – the blade like spines, long thin jaws, and large clawed hands, are very distinctive. This sleek and dynamically posed statue is at a 1/20 scale – at full size this dinosaur rivalled or exceeded T. rex in length. Available here ($)
Spinosaurus (Skeleton) (Kinto)

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  1. Really, Jacob!? Ten dollars!? Naahhh, no way, never for something like this!

  2. this SPINOSAURUS is awsome! please lower it to 20 or 30 or at least 40 or $50 and then people like me would buy it please or at least lower it to $10 please

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