Anhanguera (Schleich)

Most pterosaur toys are modeled in a flying pose – in many ways this probably reflects the fact that to model these oddly proportioned and straggly built animals in any other way would be difficult and time consuming, and therefore expensive. It makes a nice change then, to see a pterosaur toy in a perching pose. There are a few others, for example in the Bullyland series. This Anhanguera toy is also small (part of the ‘baby’ series or Schleich ‘Junior’ series). The tiny size of this model makes the legs and details a little thicker and more clumsy-looking than they would be in reality, but otherwise this is a nice model. The beak has the unusual crest typical for this genus, and the head is bald inlike many other pterosaurs. Available here ($) and here (€)

Anhanguera (Schleich)

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  2. Love the detail and paint job on this. 🙂

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