Pachycephalosaurus (Favorite)

The bone-headed Pachycephalosaurus. These two-legged dinosaurs have a dome of bone on their head surrounded by a number of lumps and bumps. This figure from the Favorite Collection is posed mid-stridee witth its tail held out straight, and their is an appealing zig-zag pattern running along the back: certainly one of the best models of this genus. Available here ($)
Pachycephalosaurus (Favorite)

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  1. Hello,

    We came across your site when doing some research on the new Diplodocoid from the Carnegie Safari range due for release next year.

    We are a British based company made up of parents, teachers and real dinosaur experts who encourage people to learn more about science through their fascination with prehistoric animals. Our team assists in a number of model designs and advises on data sheets and so on.

    Currently working on the second and third series of Procon models and have been involved with Natural History museum model line changes and new introductions scheduled for next year.

    Happy to supply further information for you, exchange links etc.

    Where are you based?

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