Parasaurolophus (Carnegie Collection, Safari)

Sticking with the theme of ‘unusual heads’, Parasaurolophus takes the trend to its extreme. As if the horn is not already conspicious enough, this feature in the Safari model is colored bright red. I find the figures in the Carnegie collection to be a little awkward and this one is no exception, especially in the case of the arms. This dinosaur is now known to predominantly walk on four legs, but this figure shows the animal rearing up on its hind legs. Available here ($)
Parasaurolophus (carnegie)

One Response to Parasaurolophus (Carnegie Collection, Safari)

  1. I like this figure. I got it a few weeks ago and I think the posture on it is realistic. I don’t mind the fact that the tail is touching the floor, at least it isn’t dragging it along. Just a subtle touch with the very end to keep it upright. I think it’s done well and still looks like a realistic and correct pose for the animal. The body shape is also very good in my opinion. The paint is slightly sloppy in places, but generally it looks good and does the figure justice.

    I’ll also add that I really like the creases in the neck, it’s subtle little details like this that can make a figure so realistic and make me fall in love with them.

    And I don’t think that the bipedal pose on the figure is outdated. Even though Parasaurolophus is known to walk predominantly on four legs, it is still known to be a semi-bipedal dinosaur, so why not make a figure that shows this? I like figures with many variations in dynamic poses. It would be boring if they all just stood there on four legs, looking the same and in the same pose.

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