Pleo dinosaur – A Ugobe Life Form (Senario)

Dinosaur toys don’t get much more high-tech (or cuter!) than this electronic baby sauropod, the so-called ‘Pleo dinosaur – A Ugobe Life Form’ from ‘Senario’. The Pleo dinosaur has more special features than you can shake a palm frond at and it’s sure to be a christmas hit this winter! It represents a baby Camarasaurus, and as Ugobe Life forms go, its very acurate. There are even some videos of this little guy in action on the following link: Available here($) . Also available in the UK here (£) EDIT: According to the comments on this blog, some people are having trouble locating this item, it is also available from Argos in the UK and Ireland

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  1. The Pleo Dinosaur is available in Ireland from Argos – I added a link above.

  2. monica devereux

    my little girl ask santa for one and i cant get one help help live in ireland

  3. This is just about the cutest dinosaur toy i’ve seen in ages, next to the numbered eggs that came out with Dinotopia. I have had my eye on one of these since I first saw them and now i’m positive that I just have to have one to add to my collection!

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