New Carnegie Diplodocus (released 2008)

In 2008 a new Diplodocus will be added to the list of excellent Carnegie collection dinosaurs. The tail and  neck are held in a biomechanically stable and anatomically correct way (in the old one the neck was in a vertical position and the tail almost touched the ground). It is a beautiful and detailled model – it also nicely shows that ‘Dippy’ was a much lighter animal than, say, Apatosaurus. Diplodocus only weighed about 12-15 t, while Apatosaurus weighed over 22 t.  

Available here

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  1. Looks very good,but the old diplodocus looks better,because he have a really nice classic look!!!
    I think the old is a little bit better!The new version is quite good.

  2. A very good model indeed!

    I hope that,along with it,the guys of Carnegie Collection will make one day models of the Ceratosaurus,Rhamphorhynchus,Giganotosaurus,Daspletosaurus and Tarbosaurus.

    By the way,do you know if Papo will make anytime soon another series of their wonderful dinosaurs?

  3. Why is it that in every recent book I have and in the “Walking With Dinosaurs” movies diplodocus has small spikes running the length of its spine, but not the Carnegie ones? I have the earlier version, and just assumed that spikes would be added to the 2008 version in that current research seems to support the presence of these spikes.

  4. this is great as it should be better than the british museum of natural history strange looking diplodocus i just hpe it isnt too thin like most carnegie saurpods .i wish more ceratopsians and sauropods were released to add to collection

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