Pterosaur (unspecified) (Safari)

This is one of the newer figures by Wild Safari. The pterosaur toy is clearly based on some specific species, so I’m not sure why Safari are so unspecific in their taxonomic diagnosis. The crest on this specimen is at the tip of the beak, just like the Ornithocheirus in Walking with Dinosaurs, so its a good bet that this toy is supposed to be Ornithocheirus . Available here
pterosaur (safari)

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  1. ok, forget my last post…delete. I did some research. The Sereno pterosaur is essentially Anhanguera. If you read, it says it closely resembles a species from Brazil, at around the same time. Since Africa and South America were connected at the time, it’s clearly the same genus, if not the same species. I guess Safari didn’t realize this when they released it and just called it pterosaur, since it hadn’t been named by Sereno.

  2. it’s Ahnhanguera. My guess is they left the name off because it’s hard to pronounce and just called it a ‘pterosaru’ which most have heard of.

  3. The beak on this figure doesn’t match Anhanguera’s or Ornithocheirus’s. This figure seems to be of the African Pterosaur: Bigger picture: The African Pterosaur hasn’t been named yet which would explain why the figure is labelled Pterosaur.

  4. I think it’s anahanguara

  5. It look`s like an Anhanguera.

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