Tanystropheus (new 2007 colour scheme) (Carnegie collection)

The actual figure is identical to the previous Tanystropheus released as part of the Carnegie Collection by Safari (see original), the only difference is the colour scheme. The 2007 version is much more natural. The 2007 version is available here

Tanystropheus (2007) Carnegie Collection

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  1. A very good figure in my opinion. The colour scheme is very pleasing to look at. It is sculpted very well.
    I don’t really ‘use’ the poseable neck and keep it in a natural posture (unlike the one in the picture). If I do any dioramas I might find more use for the poseable neck.

  2. Great,great,great!

    One of the best Carnegie figures,and the poseable neck is a feature i’d like to see even in other replicas!

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