Tyrannosaurus rex (Battat) (Boston Museum of Science Collection)

Review by Tomhet. Edited by Plesiosauria.

T. rex is without a doubt the most popular dinosaur ever. Therefore to make a replica that really stands out turns out to be quite a challenge. Battat achieved that and more.

The Battat Rex is yellow and green, the mouth is purple, just like that of the Acrocanthosaurus. The body is correctly in a horizontal pose. The Rex appears to be in movement; the head (which by the way has a little red crest) is looking down to the right, so you can actually see and feel the wrinkles on the neck. I didn’t particularly like the tiny red spot at the juncture of the jaws, but what the heck.

Due to some problems in the production, there were 3 versions of the T. rex. I have right here with me 2nd and 3rd versions, 3rd version has no trouble standing on its own (the tail is rigidly pointing downwards, though) but I prefer the second version (even if they put two horrible ‘skates’ to supposedly balance the figure and even if it cannot stand on its own) 2nd version differs from the 3rd not only in the feet pads, but it’s more robust, the snout is shorter and the expression meaner.

2nd version’s body is perhaps a little too heavy forward, but that demerit is nothing compared with the overall quality. On the other hand 3rd version’s pose is far more stable, but the more slender neck and snout are not as attractive as 2nd version’s firmly built upper body. The latter has a more dynamic tail, too.

No longer in production, but sometimes become available on www.ebay.com

Review and photos by Tomhet
T.rex (Battat)
Above – Version 2
T.rex (Battat)
Above – Version 3

9 Responses to Tyrannosaurus rex (Battat) (Boston Museum of Science Collection)

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  2. I found version 3 at a yard sale for 25 cents

  3. ¡Hola Alex!

    Desafortunadamente está descontinuado desde hace unos 9 años, a veces lo venden en Ebay.


  4. Alex ortuño pallares

    Me a gustado mucho este dinosaurio para mi coleccion de figuras, pero me gustaria más saber donde lo has conseguido.

  5. Antonny,

    perhaps you might be interested in visiting our forum, maybe somebody has it 🙂

  6. I am seeking the Battat’s T-Rex of 3rd series.
    Where can I buy that figure?
    If anyone have and would like to sell that figure, I will be ready to buy and pay it.
    Thanks for attention.

  7. It is indeed the eternal course of the Theropoda. The consensus is, there’s not enough quality control.

  8. What is it with T.rexes and useless foot pads? I didn’t mention it in my original post, but the walking with dinosaurs T.rex has a pad on one of its feet, but this doesn’t work either. Actually, all of the two-legged WWD figures have trouble standing for that matter – the plastic is a little soft and distorts over time.

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