Utahraptor (Battat) (Boston Museum of Science Collection)

Review by Tomhet, photo by Bokisaurus. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Good dromaeosaurid replicas are hard to come by. I completely abhor feathered renditions, so I was pretty excited when I finally got the Battat Utahraptor, a huge relative of the Deinonychus. Its skin is still pretty reptilic.

The colours (which would be cloned later for the Safari Baby Utahraptor) are bold, but acceptable: yellow, milky white and black (which is distributed in spots and a large splotch on the head). The sculpt is very slender, incluiding thin extremities and a long tail. The head is accurate, although the teeth are almost non-existent. What really stands out are the extremely well done claws, they really give the illusion of being sharp.

The position is kind of awkward, the Utah must be positioned on all fours.

No longer in production, but sometimes become available from www.ebay.com

Review by Tomhet
Photo by Bokisaurus
Utahraptor Battat

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  1. You “completely abhor” feathered renditions? lol

    That makes about as much sense as completely abhorring furred lions or scaled lizards.

  2. It has something from the WWD Utah.

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