Tyrannosaurus rex (Kaiyodo) (Dinomania Series 1)

The Dinomania series by Kaiyodo includes a number of small but very detailed and accurate snap-together figures. The figures come packaged in a box so that the species you get remains a surprise. In this series , there is a limited number of an unknown mystery dinosaur, not so much of a mystery however, seeing that the ‘mystery’ dinosaur is featured on every single box. It is the Tyrannosaurus rex (sorry if this spoils the surprise), sculpted in a rearing posture. The details are nice but obviously hand-painted, the arms are tiny and tucked into the body, and the tail is extermely long (too long) and helps support the figure. I grabbed this, my first and only Dinomania figure, In the New York Museum of Natural History – I was actually hoping for a plesiosaur but was disappointed to discover that I was lucky enough to have the rare green T.rex! I didn’t dare to splash out on a second box, partly becasue sods law dictates that I would probably get the same figure again, and partly because I’m not sure I could resist the addiction once a small collection was initiated (oh go then, just _one_ more). This is quite a nice set, it was originally also released as the UHA Chocolasaur DinoTales Series 3.
T.rex (Dinomania)
T.rex (Dinomania)

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  1. Actually that is a Dinotales Series 3 T-Rex. I also don’t think that it is supposed to be a roaring position. I think it is supposed to be based on the classic Reconstruction, with the Rex draggng it’s tail while having a kangaroo stance. The Dinotales usually have a more accurate Rex.

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  3. I think rex in the photo may have been released in a different series too, but this particular figure is certainly from Dinomania Series 1. The figure number is SP04.

    However, looking in more detail at the T.rex pictured on the Dinomania box, It is not exactly the same as ‘mystery’ rex (SP04). Perhaps thats what you mean?

  4. I’m not sure, but I have the distinct impression that this is from another Kaiyodo series called Kaiyodo Dino Land, not from DinoTales. The DinoTales Series 5 T-Rex is very different.

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