Ankylosaurus (Walking with Dinosaurs Collection) (Toyway)

The Walking with Dinosaurs collection by Toyway includes some of the most detailed and scientifically accurate dinosaur figures out there. The figures tie directly into the TV series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ and represent some of the major dinosaurs seen in the show and they therefore appear identical to the on screen portrayals. They were packaged in a plastic bubble attached to a packing card, the figures are solid and the robust ones are therefore heavy. The Ankylosaurus is one of those robust models – the type when you really feel like you are getting value for money.

The colours are true to the onscreen versions, the Ankylosaurus is grey/green in colour with yellow armour. The face has quite a grumpy-looking expression! The only negative aspect of these figures (there are not many!) is their static pose: the head always looks straight forward, the tail straight back, and there is no dynamicity, none of the figures are striding or walking, only standing.

ankylosaurus (walking with dinosaurs)
ankylosaurus (walking with dinosaurs)
ankylosaurus (walking with dinosaurs)

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  3. This guy is huge and heavy, you wouldn’t want to drop him on your toe.

  4. The Walking with Dinosaurs line is no longer in production – sometimes, very rarely, they pop up on Ebay…

  5. I hadn’t seen this one before! It’s very nice. I wonder where they can be found.

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