Pteranodon sternbergi (Bullyland)

Pterosaurs are delicate gangly creatures, so it is unsurprising that, for the most part, toy companies have tended to create simple ‘in flight’ postures for their pterosaur figures. Pterosaurs with the wings outstretched are easier to make. Bullyland broke the mold when they produced a pair of pterosaurs, a typical flying version (I will call this version 1), and a standing version (version 2), with wings partially folded up. Some companies have since followed suit e.g. Safari Ltd.

Pteranodon sternbergi bullyland

Both versions represent the same species of Pteranodon, Pteranodon sternbegi. The crest of P. sternbergi has a distinct convex forward facing margin and is more greatly expanded, which distinguishing it from the other species of Pteranodon. P. longiceps, for example, is typically produced by toy companies, the crest in this species is a more simple ‘spike’, so it is good to se Bullyland breaking the mold in this regard too (Bullyland also has a P. longiceps of course). The shape of the beak is also different, it apparently curves upwards in P. sternbergi.

The Version 2 Pteranodon sternbergi is nicely detailed, it occupies a quadrupedal posture with the hands supporting the front part of the body, the wing-supporting fingers pointing backwards, and the feet firmly on the ground. The partially folded wings show creases and wrinckles and the body has a fine sculpture of hair; there is even a pteroid bone sculpted in the wing, a fine detail often overlooked or deemed unimportant by toy comapnies. The stubby legs splay out slightly but the feet and hands are both accurate, considering the small size of these elements, Bullyland has done an excellent job. The head and neck lurch forwards, in this standing position it becomes apparent just how large the head of Pteranodon is in relation to the body.

Pteranodon sternbergi bullyland

The colour scheme is identical in both versions, although version 1 also has a fish in the jaws. The wings are red, the body grey, and the beak is yellow, but all of these shades merge naturally into each other, and there are blue highlights on the head: the colour scheme is therefore very impressive. The striking beady yellow eye in the darkened socket adds the finishing touch to this super-cool collectors item. The figure is about 13 cm long.

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  2. How do you think they got off the ground i imagine if i were a ptranadon i would want a way to get off the ground

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  4. This is truly great!

    I bought it some weeks ago,and i’m totally satisfied with it.

    Great detail and pose,it’s one of the best Pteranodon replicas ever!

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