Albertosaurus (Prehistoric Masterpiece Collection by X-plus)

Albertosaurus is the smaller cousin of T. rex and is rarely found in the form of a dinosaur toy. The Prehistoric Masterpiece Collection is produced by Japanese sculptors  Araki and Shinzen; the figures are hand-painted and also included in this series is a Styracosaurus.

Albertasaurus (prehistoric masterpiece)

This figure was discontinued a few years ago, and I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be available, so you should probably order this right now! Simply put, this is a fantastic reproduction of Albertosaurus. It’s undoubtedly the best figure of this dinosaur that money can buy, and probably one of the most accurate theropods I have ever seen for such an affordable price ($15). At about 20″ long, it’s a sizable piece too, probably one of the largest in my collection, (not including JP T.rexes) and makes a fantastic shelf topper.

It may look like a solid plastic figure but it is actually a hollow vinyl construction, like the Galaxy Toys Great Dinosaurs line. As such, it is very lightweight (I’m glad it got here in one piece!) and there are a couple of seams showing, most notably around the tail and midsection, but take a few steps back and they melt into the extreme detailing on this figure.

Albertasaurus (prehistoric masterpiece)

There are only a couple minor problems that I should point out. First off, there is simply no way this figure could stand without the base, it’s too front-heavy. The figure is meant as a display piece only and luckily I don’t really mind the stand. The only other problem I had was that the right leg in my figure is a little too warped for the foot to fit into the peg on the base, but luckily it comes with a little metal rod to aid in support.

Review and photographs by ‘Itstwentybelow’

Available here ($).

Original review posted 04/11/07, updaded review by ‘Itstwentybelow’ posted 26/02/2008

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  2. Snagged the last one off Amazon today, sorry for those who couldn’t get this on time

  3. Wow…That’s really amazing!

  4. I have this only it is unpainted. Was not aware until more recently that there was a pre-painted variant available.

  5. I hadn’t seen this one before! I think I’ll go buy one…like…now.

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