Microraptor (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

The recently discovered and described Microraptor is known from a number of specimens from China. Not surprisingly, given the short scientific history of this feathered dinosaur, there are very few models or toys of Microraptor. The Carnegie Collection introduced a bunch of feathered dinosaurs in 2005, including this Microraptor, to reflect the recent surge in the number of fossil feathered dinosaurs discovered over the last decade.

Microraptor (carnegie Safari)

Because the actual animal is so tiny, the Carnegie Collection Microraptor is produced at a 1:3 scale (most other Carnegie’s are scaled at 1:40), and the figure is 19cm long. The most striking feature of this figure are the colours of the plumage – bright orange with red, yellow and black highlights. The wings of the arms and legs are spread out and the animal is twisting to look to the right, as if the animal is mid-jump between two trees. The underside of the wings is much paler in colour and the claws are grey. Only the tips of the enlarged sickle-shaped claws are painted, so they look a lot smaller at first glance than they really are. The mouth is open and a big juicy tongue can bee seen protruding.

Microraptor (carnegie Safari)

The sculpded details on the surface of the body are very impressive, the entire surface is feathered, the wings have distinctive layers of feathers. There is a tuft of feathers on the head too. When the figure stands, its right leg rests on the feathers, but this is because the animal is in a leaping rather than a standing position.

It makes a change to see a really delicately built animal become a part of the Carnegie collection. While many toy companies continue to ignore skinny dinosaurs, and overlook the scientific evidence for feathers on theropod dinosaurs, (probably because they are much more dificult to sculpt than smooth scaley skin), Safari have endeavored to embrace these new animals in all their glory, and they haven’t skimped on the details!

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  3. Pachyrhinosaurus

    Its too bad the colors are wrong. Safari should make an iridescent blue-black one.

    • As far as I’m aware, only one Microraptor’s colour was worked out. If so it doesn’t mean every Microraptor was the same colour. The known colouration could be exclusive to one gender for example.

      I don’t like this figure. Dromaeosaurs are my favourite group of dinosaurs but there aren’t any REALLY good plastic figures of them!

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  6. I’ve noticed that it’s got two thumbs.

    • Yes, that’s something I only became aware of recently – I thought is was a one-off painting error at first because the additional claw actually looks like a protruding feather to me. But I have seen this extra claw in several figures now so I’m not sure if it is intended or not?

  7. I’ve got it too,just two days ago (along with the Caudypteryx)…And it’s beautiful!

  8. i`ve got it! it`s great!

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