Agustinia (Procon/CollectA)

Review by EmperorDinobot. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Once upon a while, companies decide to make some very obscure dinosaur genera. Procon is one of those companies, releasing this year a number of dinosaurs not many have heard of, such as Becklespinax, Rebbachisaurus, and so on. Agustinia is one such dinosaur.

Agustinia ligabuei isn’t a well known sauropod that hails from Argentina. It appears to be a titanosauriform that bore strange plates all along its neck, splitting into longer double rows of spines towards its back. It is known from such spines, and some vertebrae. Some researches think it might be allied with little known, high spined diplodocids known as rebbachisaurids.

The figure itself is very nice for a sauropod figure, painted in an olive green with darker green highlights all over. The spines and osteoderms around its neck are painted in olive green. The model itself is very smooth compared to other scaly dinosaurs.

The reason why this dinosaur is so attractive is because of its rarity, and its obscurity. Agustinia isn’t very big, barely measuring 20 cm long. Apparently, a bigger replica is due for release soon, with different colors, at almost twice the length.

If you like obscure dinosaurs, this one is for you.

6 Responses to Agustinia (Procon/CollectA)

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  2. olle me encantaria conseguir un dinosaurios de eso como le hago contestame a mi correo por favor

  3. richard mirissis

    i just got the larger agustinia…it’s a beauty

  4. Oh,well…That’s cool 😉

  5. EmperorDinobot

    That is what the head looks like!

  6. I like that,and surely as soon as i’ll find it i’ll take it!

    But the head…In these photos it seems a little too long…