Triceratops (‘Great Dinosaurs’ Collection by Safari Ltd)

This most famous of ceratopsids has been reincarnated in toy form on many occasions, Triceratops is, after all, a household favourite.


Once again, Safari Ltd’s Great Dinosaurs collection impresses us with a pretty good figure, far exceeding our expectations for a $6 bargain and offering an embarrassing comparison for one of Safari’s other attempts at this dinosaur (the original Carnegie Collection Triceratops is simply appalling, in my opinion).

This figure feels a little like a stamping bull preparing to chase down a squealing matador. The right foot is scraping along the ground and the huge head is lowered and tilted to the side – making a show of things. The colour is basically bland and grey with a few brown details. There are no painted details on the claws, horns, spikes, tongue or beak (it would have been easy to do so and would have improved the figure significantly), but at least the eyes have been highlighted in black and are surrounded by pale eyelids. I should also note that there is now an alternative colour variant.

As with the rest of the figures in this series this is a large model, 26cm long, and so it is not to scale with the rest of the series.


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10 Responses to Triceratops (‘Great Dinosaurs’ Collection by Safari Ltd)

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  2. This fellow looks like a very good substitute for the Battat Triceratops. It has a very similar posture and equally simple paint job in my opinion.

  3. I just showed my son these dinosaurs. He loves them. My son has a crazy fastination with the T-Rex.

  4. Is this the triceratops that came out for 2008? If it is it looks nothing like the presale photos.

  5. I wonder if any-one has a plush or stuffed dino? If so I’d love to feature it as a new member of the plush pics at

  6. i was just blog hopping and I saw your blog…i have a 3 year old son and he really loves dinosaurs…

  7. Thanks for the answer!

  8. They are hollow and much lighter than they look. But they are still pretty sturdy – the plastic is obviously thick.

  9. I still haven’t found any “Great Dinosaurs” figs here where i live 😛

    But that’s one thing i’d like to know…Are these hollow figures or they are “full” just like the other Safari Ltd dinos?

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