Velociraptor (Wild Safari Collection by Safari Ltd)

It looks as though Papo finally has some competition. This Velociraptor by Wild Safari is great, and it can be found pretty cheap too. I bought mine for $7.99. It has to be the best Safari velociraptor ever (All of the other safari velociraptors are ugly in my opinion!). Previous attempts by Safari at this dinosaur include those in the Carnegie Collection, Dinosaurs of China Collection (see blog entry), and the great dinosaurs collection (see blog entry)

This raptor looks as though it is just about to jump on a unsuspecting Protoceratops. It’s right foot is pushing off the ground, it’s left foot is up and ready for attack, the jaws are wide open showing many yellow teeth and a pink tongue, and the arms are (somewhat) ready for grabbing any unsuspecting prey.

It is mostly just a mixture of browns, which would have been very good camouflage in a desert environment. The eyes are yellow with vertical pupils (suggesting this was a nocturnal creature), the claws are black, and the inside of the mouth is a mixture of pink and purple. The detail on this figure is amazing; you can see every little bump and wrinkly on it’s skin, you can see the small scales on it’s hands and feet, and you can even see the muscles rippling beneath it’s skin. This Velociraptor is not very big: This guy is only about 8 inches (20 cm) long, and more then half of that is tail.

If you don’t have this figure, you must buy it ASAP! This is one of the best Velociraptors out there, and despite the minor flaws (lack of feathers, wrong positioning of the hands), it still makes a great display figure and deserves 11/10 stars.

Review by Geckofan

Available here for example ($4.99).

velociraptor wild safari

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  1. This is one cool velociraptor!! Scary, too. The low skull is the accurate one that was found in Mongolia, not the highly compressed skull in most toys. Probably got confused with Deinonychus’ skull.
    But this model is just absolutely beautiful, very kinetic with a stare that looks back at you. Should this plastic piece come alive, I’ll run the other direction!!

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  4. Considero que la falta de plumas no es un defecto sin importancia,es un error garrafal.Le pasa lo mismo al modelo de Papo,son muy detallados y espectaculares,pero les falta rigor científico.Esta figura de Safari tiene cierta disculpa,porque salió al mercado hace ya algunos años,pero la versión de Papo es muy reciente (año 2010)y adolece de los mismos errores.Existe otra versión mas actualizada de Bullyland,con aspecto emplumado,aunque ha sido muy criticada por la postura de “surfero”.Esperemos que Carnegie saque pronto una versión de alta calidad acorde con los tiempos y los últimos descubrimientos,al estilo de “el viaje de Tip, de Discovery Channel”.

  5. megaraptor, they’ve already done a fuzzy trex chick.

  6. very good description, I got this velociraptor to christmas and I am still cheering about it. I love this model of a velociraptor

  7. Yeah, I agree Sim, we need a decent feathered Velociraptor figure. Hopefully Safari will deliver at some point, especially as there’s already a feathered dromaeosaur in the Carnegie collection (Microraptor).

    • Actually, there was one in that recent Feathered Dinos Toob…albeit only a small one. Still, hooray!

      • Yes, I’m hoping for something bigger, better and more detailed than that one 😉

      • Yeah they have prooved that they can actually sculpt feathers now they need to bring out feathered dinosaurs familiar to the general public i.e: Velociraptor, Deinonychus, Utahraptor, maybe a fuzzy T-rex chick.

  8. Ugh, hideous. I strongly disagree with the opinions people have expressed towards this figure. I find it rather ugly, which isn’t helped by the lack of feathers. The hands are horrible and give it a primate-ish feel.

    The size of the arms and/or hands (and finger claws) looks too large, or is it just me?

    This figure is certainly not a ‘Velociraptor’. Here’s hoping for nice feathered ones in the future (please, Carnegie?).

  9. Great! I love Raptors and this guy is great!

  10. I’ve got two weeks ago and i think it’s PERFECT,the best Velociraptor figure ever made *_*

    Super-detailed and with a kickass pose,this is surely a winner for me 😉

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