Baryonyx (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Baryonyx figures have a tendency to be produced in a quadropedal posture. This is most notable in the Schleich version (reviewed here) and the Invicta version (reviewed here), and is almost the case in this Carnegie Collection version by Safari Ltd. I say “almost” because only one hand contacts the ground, while the other one is marginally lifted.

Carnegie Baryonyx

This is a lean, almost malnourished version of Baryonyx – clearly this individual has gone for a number of days without a fish supper. The animal is leaning forwards with the tail high in the air and the legs spread wide, it makes a nice fishing pose for those interested in dioramas. The neck is raised but straight (not ‘S’-shaped as in other theropods) and the mouth is wide open with a tongue flicking up.

Carnegie Baryonyx

The enlarged thumb claw, the ‘heavy claw’ from which the name Baryonyx derives, is clear in this sculpt. The sculptor should also be commended for the head which although quite roughly done, is accurately narrow and bears a single crest on the midline in front of the eyes. Many figures of spinosaurids get this area wrong because they only see pictures of the skull in side view and presume there are two crests, one above each eye. This mistake is present in the Papo and new Schleich Spinosaurus figures (reviewed here). There are openings for the ears and the eyes are big and deathly black.

Carnegie Baryonyx

The colour is quite a stunning green with chocolate brown bands on the flanks. The claws are white, the eyes black (with no pupils) and the mouth is pink and the teeth are highlighted in white. The figure is smallish at about 18 cm long.

Carnegie Baryonyx

This review was sponsored by Atomic Elephant who kindly provided us with the review figure.

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5 Responses to Baryonyx (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

  1. Thanks for sharing Amber! Yours looks a lot better. Given the black number printed on the tail yours is a newer release.

    I had one very similar to the one reviewed on The Dinosaur Toy Blog. The painting on the teeth and especially the claws was terrible! Like the one reviewed here, the teeth at the back of the upper jaw on the right weren’t painted. However it had something even worse… The colour!! It was fluorescent green! I don’t understand how anyone could think it would be ok – let alone a good idea – to make it that colour! I tried to put up with it but it was too horrible. So I donated it to a charity shop.

  2. I have this model I just got and there are several things different about it, most noticeably, the teeth don’t look so fake. Also, the tail is less curved and the snout is narrower. I’m working on a review for my own web site and would be happy to share when it is done.

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