Tyrannosaurus rex (baby) (Jurassic Park: 'Dinosaurs 2', Kenner)

Review by Cordylus

This little guy is one of my favorite Jurassic Park repaints, the original baby rex was released as part of the first wave of Jurassic Park: The Lost World figures (Series 1). The repaint was released later under the ‘Dinosaurs 2’ line – the figure comes with a human and some accessories, but this review will just look at the dinosaur itself.

Any inaccuracies that one can find can be easily dismissed- this is, after all, a baby, so of course proportions and things like that would be open to debate. This little baby is very cute, he is pretty chubby and has fat little arms. His feet and legs are very long and oversized, adding to the cute baby look. He has little needle teeth, and large eyes. He is scaly, no downy feathers (as some paleontologists now suppose) and he looks quite good this way. His tail sways to the right and then the left. He has five points of articulation – Legs, arms, and jaw. He is hard plastic, not rubbery like some other jurassic park dinosaurs and he stands perfectly fine on two feet.

His color scheme is very nice too- the original figure was purple and brown but the repaint is a nice dark blue-gray on the back, which fades into a periwinkle color. He has nice light blue stripes running down is body, some of which are outlined in black. He has a white “JP” symbol on his leg, maybe he was captive-bred? His eyes are red with black slit pupils- this contradicts the movie, as the animals in Jurassic Park had circular pupils. Maybe this is a different subspecies, or a genetic mutation! His teeth are very curiously painted, the bottoms of the teeth are painted white, while the sides are painted black – Maybe he has tooth rot?

This little guy is great for any collection- and he is quite common and cheap. If you are lucky, he can still be found at some KB toy stores, and it is quite common if you search for Jurassic Park toys on Ebay.

Jurassic park baby rex 

Images from JPToys, used with kind permission – a great site for Jurassic Park toy information!

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  2. This pic is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have the original version of this lil’ Rex and it surely kicks ass!

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