Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

Wow. Where do I start? This is one fantabulous replica, and it is new for 2009. It doesn’t surprise me that Safari ltd. decided to make a Dilophosaurus for 2009– After all, the only other dilophosaurs they made were the peculiar Carnegie pair from over a decade ago.

Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

This model is very nice. It’s main colorings are red, cream, bluegreen, and dark brown. The eyes and the inside of the mouth appear to have a “glaze” on them, giving a “wet” look to them. The teeth are white with a brown wash over them, it makes them look nice and rotten.

Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

The sculpt, just like the colors, is very nice too. I love the detailing on the crests, the individually sculpted teeth(!), and the ear holes. His legs are long and thin; very bird-like. Like many birds, he also has large scales on his feet. The head seems rather odd is some spots though; The shape of the fenestra and the position of the nostrils could use some tweaking. He stands just fine on two feet, however, to accomplish that, you have to stand him on the edge of a table or desk— The tip of his tail extends below the bottoms of his feet, so when he stands on a flat surface, he is in the hated “tripod” or “kangaroo” pose.

Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

Overall, this is a very fine replica, and it will look great in any collection. However, since this sculpt was released only a few days ago, it may be wise to wait a while so that any production problems can fix themselves.

Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

Review, photos and diorama by forum member cordylus

Available from Safari.com (here) and Amazon.com (here)

10 Responses to Dilophosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

  1. I liked this one too and bought it, but the arm was so thin it broke the same day. The figure looks great but it sucks for durability.

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  5. It’s a very nice figure–but keep in mind it does not stand very well. At least mine doesn’t. It tend to fall forward…………

    • First person I’ve heard of to have trouble with it falling forward. Mine’s the common tripod or biped with the tail hanging off a ledge.

  6. The pictures are nice.

    Shouldn’t Dilophosaurus have a vestigial fourth finger though?

  7. Are you carnivore?

    It is indeed a great sculpt, even if you hate dinosaurs you will love it ;D

  8. This is a nice looking sculpt, its far from my favourite dinosaur but i think i need to get one anyway, maybe even 2 as they would look great in pairs.

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