Edmontosaurus (Schleich)

Review and photos by Stefan Schröder (alias Libraraptor)

It is time to pay tribute to a real classic: Schleich 1997 Edmontosaurus! Being a huge figure indeed, its size hits the eye immediately. It can compete with the 12 years younger Spinosaurus effortless: 26 centimetres long and 17 centimetres tall, it definitely is one of the larger hadrosaur reconstructions out there.

Edmontosaurus Schleich

The whole posture is consequentially bipedal, the skin pattern very detailed. The neck flesh is highly detailed. The head proves why these dinosaurs are called duckbills: The snout is very flat, with detailed nostrils and, well, somehow “sadly” looking eyes.

Edmontosaurus Schleich

Schleich usually does not pay much attention to colouring, and the Edmontosaurus is no exception. Its dull overall brown colouring is a bit boring on the one hand but stresses its monumental appearance on the other hand. I don´t know if this figure is really as rare as they say, sometimes it shows up on ebay.

3 Responses to Edmontosaurus (Schleich)

  1. I like this model. Reminds me of the retro pictures in the vintage books I love to read.

  2. I just adore this; along with the Battat Rearing Diplo, my fave.

  3. I love this figure even though i have never seen it in person. It must be fairly rare because i have been looking for it for 1 year now and still cant get my hands on it.

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