Iguanodon (Walking with Dinosaurs Collection by Toyway)

Iguanodon WWD toyway
Iguanodon WWD toyway

Although a full review will be added in time, I just had to highlight the hind feet on this figure. As you can see below, they look more like alien feet than dinosaur feet; the four pedestal-like toes seem out of place on an Iguanodon sculpt that is otherwise very accurate. 

Iguanodon WWD toyway

2 Responses to Iguanodon (Walking with Dinosaurs Collection by Toyway)

  1. This one had to be my favourite.

    I remember when these came out in Australia, but I thought mine (wherever they are now!) had better paint jobs than these ones. :/

  2. That toy is a very high quality one as opposed to the way most dinosaurs are made. They did good with this one

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