Tylosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

The second new addition for the Carnegie Collection in 2009 is a mosasaur – the ferocious Tylosaurus. Mosasaurs are a real rarity in toy form so this is an exciting release! The figure might be considered a replacement for the now retired Carnegie Collection Mosasaurus. I’ll say from the start that the new Tylosaurus is a simply stunning replica – it blows poor old Mosasaurus out of the water. 

Tylosaurus Carnegie

This is a sizeable piece, just short of 30 cm. The sinuous sculpt is full of energy and the mouth is wide open as if snapping at some unfortunate Cretaceous creature. The fins form rounded paddles and the individual digits are even visible supporting the webbed fins, the number of digits and their orientation is accurate. Mosasaurs used their long flattened tails for propulsion and the Carnegie Tylosaurus tail rightly has a gentle undulating appearance.

Tylosaurus Carnegie

One of the most impressive aspects of this figure is the huge attention to detail in and around the mouth.  In overall shape the head is pointed and the slit-like nostrils are retracted. The teeth are individually sculpted, there are palatine teeth on the roof of the mouth and the tongue and gullet are sculpted in great detail too. The very front part of the mouth forms a pointed tip, which extends beyond the teeth – this is an accurate characteristic for Tylosaurus. The species name Tylosaurus proriger even means  ‘prow-bearing knob lizard’  in reference to this anatomical feature. Safari have clearly been doing their homework, consulting with mosasaur specialist Mike Everhart has given this model a scientific edge. 

Tylosaurus Carnegie

Although mosasaur skin is known to have been scaly, the individual scales were small and so they are not apparent  at this 1/40 scale. The skin is therefore smooth and has a beautiful and fitting watery sheen. The animal is countershaded with dark green on the top and paler green and white on the underside. A striking series of deep green stripes run along the length of the body and down the tail. Sculptor Forest Rogers should be congratulated on this piece, which I highly recommend. 

Tylosaurus Carnegie

Available from Safari.com (here) and Amazon.com (here)

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  4. Upon further inspection the palatine teeth on this figure seem to be correct.

  5. Es para mí una gran figura, y será muy difícil aventajar esta especie de animal por otra de la misma marca o por otra de otra colección. La única desventaja que encuentro en este animal que no se le ve el aspecto fiero y terrible que debía de tener un mosasaurus, uno de los más terribles depredadores de los mares del Cretácico.
    Lo que más me impresionó y me gustó los detalles de la lengua y del paladar, es una gran obra sin embargo.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the palatine teeth on Tylosaurus be forming a V shape pointing into the mouth (so the tip of the V points towards the throat) as opposed to out of the mouth as on this figure?

  7. I once scupted a Tylosaurus proriger, but of much smaller dimensions. I think it was one of the first three models I sculpted in this way:

  8. Awesome sculpt–it will be very useful as a reference for drawing mosasaurs.

  9. Fantastic model. Nice to see the marine reptiles represented!


    Heidi aka Fossil Huntress

  10. i’ve got to say, this is right up there with any of the best figures on the market. A very well done model, and a huge improvement on the last one.

  11. Neither did I until a few weeks ago.

    The Tylosaurus looks great.

  12. itstwentybelow

    Wow I didn’t know the Carnegie sculptor browsed our blog! I have to agree with this review; I own this Tylosaurus and it is a truly spectacular figure, keep up the GREAT work!

  13. Thank you for the kind words on this Critter! We do our best, friends, and I’m honored this one hits the spot.

    (the Carnegie line sculptor)

  14. Awesome! Must have this Guy Safari Ltd really brings good guys this year!

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