Ankylosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

I’m pleased to announce that the Dinosaur Toy Blog recently received a number of review samples representing the entire Carnegie Collection, courtesy of Safari Ltd. So, prepare yourself for a Carnegie Collection bonanza of reviews over the next few weeks! We’ve already reviewed the two exciting 2009 additions to the Carnegie collection, the Spinosaurus and Tylosaurus, so now it’s time to look at some of the other existing models in the line. Let’s continue with the tank-like Ankylosaurus!

Ankylosaurus Carnegie
Ankylosaurus Carnegie

The 19 cm long Carnegie Collection Ankylosaurus is a relatively new addition to the line, released in 2004. As far as ankylosaurs go the sculpt is quite active – the legs are striding and the head is raised with the mouth open. The heavy-duty tail club is hovering over the ground ready to swipe at any T.rex foolish enough to venture too close. The overall colour scheme is pale lime green with white armour, but there are some nice additonal details – a blue ring around each eye and two blue spots on the tail club. The inside of the open mouth is pink there is a little tongue just visible.

Ankylosaurus Carnegie

The most distinctive aspect of the ankylosaurs is their armour, which consists of an array or studs, scutes and spines. In many ankylosaur toys the arrangement of these bony elements in rather generic, but the Carnegie Ankylosaurus presents a very particular distribution, which appears to be based on a recent restoration by Kenneth Carpenter published in 2004 (the same year this figure was produced). This indicates Safari’s dedication to providing up-to-date and accurate figures.

Ankylosaurus Carnegie

The four triangular horns on the head are highlighted in white, the detailed bony surface of the skull is the same colour as the skin and consists of numerous bumps. It matches the fossil skull perfectly. The number of digits is correct – there are three toes on each hind leg and four on each front leg. Number of toes and fingers is another detail overlooked in other ankylosaur figures. The shape and form of the tail matches the fossil remains exceedingly well, as does the figure in general, making this a definite keeper for fans of these spectacular dinosaurs!

Ankylosaurus Carnegie
Ankylosaurus Carnegie

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  3. Still the best rendition of this genus. Could you please tag this review so that it shows up with the other Ankylosaurus toys on the Genera page?

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  5. I got this years ago. With the possible exception of the Battat E. tutus, it’s probably the most accurate ankylosaur available.

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  10. Aside from the tail, the overall pose is almost exactly like the retired Euoplocephalus.

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