Muttaburrasaurus (Invicta)

Review and photos by Marc Vincent aka Horridus

One of the more recent of Invicta’s dinosaurs, this Muttaburrasaurus dates from 1989. This model is often overlooked when compared with others in the range, especially the younger Lambeosaurus, but it demonstrates perfectly how far Invicta’s dinosaur designs had progressed, making their untimely demise all the more unfortunate.

Brachiosaurus Invicta

This Muttaburrasaurus is worlds apart from Invicta’s earlier rendition of its more famous relative Iguanodon. Whereas Iguanodon was shown in the long-outdated ‘kangaroo’ posture popularised by Louis Dollo (complete with a dragged tail that would had to have been broken in the real animal), Muttaburrasaurus is portrayed as a quadruped with an extremely straight tail, bending only very slightly and subtly to the right towards the tip.

Brachiosaurus Invicta

The creature is posed with its left forelimb raised, perhaps to indicate how it could have transferred to a bipedal, but still horizontal, posture. It is also looking to the left and slightly upwards, as if startled by a predator or a rival. The head appears to feature the speculative ‘resonating chamber’, a popular feature on restorations of this animal as its skull appears to support it (the Walking With Dinosaurs version also had it).

Brachiosaurus Invicta

Unlike many of the other animals in the series, including Lambeosaurus, Muttaburrasaurus sports non-overlapping scales all over its body. Although skin impressions for this dinosaur have not been found, this certainly makes good sense, as impressions from other large ornithopods show such scales. As is typical of Invictas, especially later ones, detail in terms of muscle definition etc. is superb, while maintaining a bulky herbivorous look.

Brachiosaurus Invicta

There are of course a few aspects that could do with a tweak (as there always are on models this old) such as the ‘fingers’, and it could probably do with a more obvious beak. However, this figure is great overall and well ahead of its time. This plain-coloured model might not immediately command your attention but it definitely rewards a closer look.

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