Lambeosaurus (Invicta)

Well known Lambeosaurus from North America belongs to the classic set of cretaceous dinosaurs being reconstructed as figures.
The 1993 Invicta release is probably the best one currently available. It is the last and probably the best ambassador of the highly esteemed Invicta line. It is 19, 5 cm long and 7, 5 cm tall. This means it is a little smaller in scale than most other Invictas. Looking at the Lambeosaurus, one can hardly believe the original animal was 15 metres long. This figure rather resembles a browsing deer in its overall appearance. It is slender, delicate and of high detail. The chary brown colour accompanies with these details very well, every skin fold becomes well visible, and every muscle is at the right place.

At the head you see the crest and snout worked out caringly. Nostrils, ears and eyelids deserve a second look, too.
The Lambeosaurus is peacefully browsing, slowly walking forward. While other companies still produced bipedal, tail – dragging hadrosaurs, Invicta took the modern choice: Quadrupedal, with a bended spine and an erect tail. Unusual for a hadrosaur figure are the forelimbs:

They look like hooves or paws, representing latest research results.
This gem should get a place of honour in every serious collection. It shows up on ebay now and then.

3 Responses to Lambeosaurus (Invicta)

  1. Nice to have this model. The posture is so natural and dynamic at the same time. Kinda wish Invicta is still around making these awesome models. This and the Bullyland Lambeosaurus are the best rendition of this dinosaur.

  2. Mine just arrived this morning by mail, my partner has awesome painting skills she is going to have the pride in painting it though, monochrome kinda bores me, real dino’s had colours so will my Invicta Lambeosaurus 😛 But yes I do agree if you can find one and afford one, I highly recommend this model for every die-hard collector out there \o/

  3. oh my god, u bring out my childhood memories. I used to play around with such toys when i was young.

    I had one lot container of dinosaurs and i will create wars with one another, until it was all thrown away 🙁

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