Muttaburrasaurus (Collecta)

Muttaburrasaurus was an iguanodontid Ornithopod from the lower cretaceous of Australia. It was 7 metres long and its hallmark was a domed snout. Scientists suggest that Muttaburrasaurus had enlarged nasal caves, some even think that it had inflatable sacs for courtship.
There are not many Muttaburrasaurus figures out there. To be honest, I only know of two: The great Invicta one and this one from Collecta. Both are neat little figures, similar in size, scale and posture.
While the Invicta Muttaburrasaurus looks puggy, the Collecta version is a little smaller and looks hungry. It has been captured in a dynamic pose, like pausing from quick pace, looking to the left. Its colouring is zebra – like with brown and tan stripes, which I think was a traceable choice. The skin pattern is very bubbly, with many skin folds.
As far as Collecta´s look is concerned, there is no in-between. Either their figures are absolutely cool or absolutely ridiculous. This makes Collecta interesting and exciting for the collector.
Muttaburrasaurus is one of their better figures, available at a reasonable price everywhere in the internet.

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  1. I think the oddest part of the figure is the stick-out ears.

  2. Hm. Wonder if you would be up for reviewing something that’s not necessarily mass-produced.

    I’ve no afiliation with the person or the product (apart from admiring her work):

    I know I would find a review useful.

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