Desmatosuchus (Schleich)

Review and photos by megaraptor1000. Edited by Plesiosauria.

The Schleich Desmatosuchus is a figure that has been retired for a while now. I don’t know why but it has been theorized that it was retired due to lack of sales or being an obscure genus. Either way, whoever retired it is a fool as it is a great figure.

desmatosuchus schleich
desmatosuchus schleich

I know of only one other Desmatosuchus in production; the Prehistoric Panorama one. That pales in comparison to Schleich’s offering. The body armor is superbly sculpted, apart from the right shoulder spike being longer than the left one. The body doesn’t have much muscle contour or wrinkles, the only wrinkles are where the tail curves and on top of the neck where he is looking slghtly upwards.

desmatosuchus schleich
desmatosuchus schleich

It is a good sculpt, not active while not being stiff like the Toyway’s walking with dinosaurs (WWD) or Schleich’s Baryonyx. This is a good model from Schleich that was retired quickly. Anyone else have a feeling of deja vu? I reccomend this model to anyone who can find it on eBay for less than a kidney.

desmatosuchus schleich

Rarely available on Ebay here

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  1. Old news but Safari Ltd prehistoric Croc toob does have Desmatosuchus. There are a few Chinasaurus that could be aetosaurs.

  2. Also broken here…

  3. I have 2 of these, anyone know what they would sell for on ebay?

  4. Don’t hate safari for not making a desmatosuchus. They still made a scutosaurus, postosuchus, and dunkleosteus that are extremely nice models.

    • I don’t HATE them for it, I just wish they’d hurry up and make one because they’ve pretty much made every other damn thing. Not saying that your examples are not good. They are extremely good, possibly three of the best non-dino figures out there.

  5. Yeah. The aetosaurs are an under-represented group. Lift your game Safari. You can seem to make a famous predator that you bungled yet everyone wants one (Acrocanthosaurus) but can’t manage to make an awesome critter that no palaeo-buff, model collector or fascinated seven-year-old worth their Carnegie Tylosaurus will pass up on. And the kids love weird and wacky, so Desmatosuchus is a good choice.

  6. Another interesting note is that this animal lived with other famous critters like postosuchus, rutiodon, and placerias. It’s also really cool because it’s a vegeterian terrestrial crocodile!

  7. I think this was my first Schleich and I am glad I got it instead of the T-rex now that it is so rare.

  8. The prehistoric panorama one isn’t even in production anymore either.

    I’m glad I have both!

  9. There are two for 25 or 29 € buy it now on ebay Germany! This is less than a kidney! Hurry up, folks!

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