Suchomimus (Dinotales by Kaiyodo)

Suchomimus was a large theropod dinosaur that lived a few million years before one of it’s famous cousins, Spinosaurus. Considering how it’s closely related to such a famous dinosaur, I’m surprised more replicas of this really cool dinosaur haven’t been produced.

Suchomimus dinotales

This Suchomimus by kaiyodo is easily the best on currently available. The sculpt itself is very good. It’s very gracile, with ribs slightly showing and muscles slightly bulging. The spinal ridge along the back is very well sculpted, with fine little spines running down the length of it. The claws are separately sculpted which is surprising considering the small size of this model. There’s very nice wrinkles behind the limbs and on the neck, with equally as nice smaller wrinkles all over the body, giving this piece a good sense of texture. The head is very nicely sculpted; but it’s a little too big. The crest, the teeth, the eyes, and the nostrils are all sculpted wonderfully. There is a problem with the skull though; there isn’t a large “fish trap” indentation at the end of it. There is also a base included with the figure, it looks kind of like a dry riverbed. However, the pegs on the figure’s feet don’t fit very well into the base, so oftentimes it talls out off of it. To fix that problem all you need is some glue, but I like to have the option of taking the figure off of the base.

Suchomimus Dinotales

The paint job is extraordinary for such a small figure. It’s done all in fiery reds, yellows, and oranges, with very well done black stripes. The claws are an ashy grey, and the spines on the spinal ridge are a creamy white. The eyes are yellow with separately painted black pupils, I’m surprised they managed to pull that off at such a size. There’s at least one other paint variation of this figure, it’s a more natural tannish color but it isn’t nearly as striking as the paint on this version, and this version is usually cheaper too!

All in all, this is an extremely well done figure, and easily is the best Suchomimus figure to date. It’s great sculpt, striking paint job, and cheap price all make this a figure that is definitely worth owning for any dinosaur collector.

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