Mosasaurus (Carnegie)

If you like retro marine reptiles, this one’s for you. The Carnegie Collection Mosasaurus is clearly based on some archaic paleoart, so it really shouldn’t be taken too seriously – if you try to focus on every wrong aspect with this figure surely you will give yourself a headache!

The sculpt – accuracy aside – is very nice. There’s tons of skin detail, and the “frills” are very nicely sculpted too (it’s funny though; mosasaurs were depicted long ago with these frills because some tracheal cartilage fossilized oddly and paleontologists at the time decided that what they saw was a frill that would end up running the entire length of the back!). There are larger crocodilian-like scales on the belly. The teeth are nice and individually sculpted. There’s a hint of tongue in the mouth. The eyes are very nicely sculpted. The pose is odd; the head is raised up and the tail is raised and curled much like a squirrel’s. The limbs are all flipper-shaped; most modern reconstructions have them more rounded.

The color scheme is nice, if not a little too bright. It’d done in all greens; light green on the stomach gradually turning into a dark leafy green on top. The mouth is a peachy color and the teeth are all white. The eyes are yellow with black slit pupils, and there is a dark green rim around each eye, making them stand out even more. There are nicely done diagonal stripes on the body and tail.

Overall this is a very classic and retro figure. If you are a fan of lines like Marx and Invicta, you will probably like this figure. It’s certainly a fun one to put by more recent mosasaur replicas! 😉 Sometimes available on Ebay here

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