Deinosuchus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Review by Cordylus, photos by Plesiosauria

There aren’t many prehistoric crocodilian figures, but out of the very few there are, the Carnegie Collection Deinosuchus stands out.

deinosuchus carnegie
deinosuchus carnegie

Deinosuchus was a big alligator (well technically it wasn’t an alligator- but it was more closely related to alligators than to crocodiles) from prehistoric Texas. It lived alongside other well-known animals like Albertosaurus and Parasaurolophus, so some toy company had to make a replica of one sooner or later. The Carnege Deinosuchus dates to over a decade ago; 1995-96 to be exact.

deinosuchus carnegie

The sculpt on this beast is fantastic, it puts every other Deinosuchus out there to shame. The head is appropriately broad (this was basically a big alligator after all), with a large bulbous “lump” at the end of the snout and few large, thick teeth, just as there should be. The inside of the mouth is poorly sculpted though, with the only texture being a small tongue. The neck is very thick with muscle, and there is a slight pouch under the jaw (maybe it is carrying a load of babies?).

deinosuchus carnegie
deinosuchus carnegie

The coloration is very much like that of modern alligators, but with some new twists. Underneath it is white, and while being mostly green and brown on the top, it has some yellow scutes here and there. The eyes aren’t all black either on this version, you can see slit-shape pupils in each eye. The figure is 26cm long.

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  3. I have always really liked the Deinosuchus. I remember as a small child at the AMNH, staring up at the (very upright at the time) T-Rex and then heading down the hall and seeing the huge head of the Deinosuchus. Reading that this creature was even larger than the T-Rex down the hall just excited my imagination tremendously. I could barely imagine this giant lying in wait, just below the surface in some quiet swamp, ready to surge out of the water and drag some poor dinosaur to a watery meal.

  4. Very nice paint job on this figure. ūüôā I enjoy it very much.

  5. Es un animal bastante anticuado y con los adelantos que tenemos ahora en plástico de vynilo se podría hacer uno mejor tipo Oviraptor sobre nido de DinoDiscoveris.¡Sería magnífico!

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