Hypacrosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

Guest review by forumite Rugops

Safari has done a wonderful job of bringing us this obscure dinosaur. This is probably one of their best hadrosaur models.

The body of this hadrosaur is well designed, and is very accurate except on a few details. Starting at the base of the neck the back has a large arc in it that stops at the legs. Just like the real animal there are unusually large neural spines running along the back of the model. The tail is long and slightly curved with the spines continuing down it. The neck is in an S shape. The pose seems to suggest that the animal is scanning its surroundings watching for predators.

The head is nice, but it has a few problems, namely the sides of the face are uneven and the crest is closer in shape of that of a Corythosaurus. There are no mouth details other than a red line. The nostrils are correctly placed on the snout.

Its legs and feet are excellent. Safari really paid a lot of attention to the forearms which come down and form a neat hoof with a distinct pinky finger. The back feet are not quite as detailed, but still nice. The back left leg is positioned just a little awkwardly. The skin is wrinkled with a series of blue and yellow bumps running horizontally along the body and tail. The basic color is a dark greenish with a yellow underside. There are vertical light green stripes that run from the top of the neural spines and finish half way down the body. The legs have blue stripes on them. There is blue around the eyes and the crest on the head has yellow and green stripes.

This one of my favorite models, and I would recommend this model to anyone who likes hadrosaurs.

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9 Responses to Hypacrosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

  1. Glad to finally have this model. This remind me of Eleanor Kist’s painting of Hypacrosaurus in the book ‘Dinosaurs of Western North America’.
    It looks good beside the Carnegie Corythosaurus.

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  4. Sin embargo la marca de Safari y Wild Safari podrían mejorar teniendo como modelo patrón el Oviraptor sobre nido de dinosaurs discoveries. Sería interesante que algún día se hiciese un comentaría crítico de esta figura. Es quizás a mi sano entender de lo mejor que se ha hecho en plástico de vynilo. Sin embargo para la época que hicieron esa cifra de Hypacrosaurio es bastante precisa.

  5. Well they could be on two legs as well. Even if it is a tripod (not like it would be the first time Safari ever did that).

  6. well of course their poses would be similar, they are both in the correct quadrupedal hadrosaur pose. the others are a bit odd though

  7. Like scary as in weird. They have very similar poses, color schemes let alone the fact that the two kinds of dinosaurs themselves are very close in appearance AND they are both made by Safari.

  8. Marc (Horridus)

    Er…why is it scary? I haven’t seen this Hypacrosaurus in person but I think the Carnegie Corythosaurus is better done; I don’t like the wrinkly look this figure has, looks very UKRD. Good pose though.

  9. Its scary how similar it is to the Carnegie Corythosaurus.

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