Brontosaurus (Marolin / VEB Plaho)

A firm from the German Democratic Republic, VEB (Volkseigener Betrieb) Plaho, released a series of highly collectable dinosaur figures in 1967. They were sold in the Museum of Sena in Thuringia, Germany until the mid-1980s. The follower firm to Plaho, Marolin, re-released them in 1990. Plaho / Marolin did not only make dinosaurs but produced the complete span from wildlife animals to domestic animals, this broad span making it something like “East German Schleich”. Together with the Kleinwelkas, Plaho / Marolin dinosaurs are the relevant German dinosaur collectibles.
They have a very nostalgic look and feel and can by no means be appraised under the aspect of scientific correctness. Maybe this is also due to the fact that the were produced in reduced molds from the 1930´s acquired from a buyout of an older European firm. Marolin / VEB Plaho Brontosaurus is 16cm long and 11 cm tall. Its colour is a dirty yellow, the ridge on the back is tan.
The sauropod holds its head up and drags its tail, which makes it look like marching on majestically. Probably it´s proud of being such an interesting  part of history.
As I said, we should not judge it by its overall look, which is hopelessly obsolete. Back in the days it was produced this was the common sense reconstruction. Just take a look at Sinclair oil company´s mascot. The head looks like a turtle´s, with big and somewhat funny eyeballs. The feet are clumsy . The only modern thing about it is the ridge on its back. Big diplodocids nowadays are supposed to have had spikes on their backs. This Brontosaurus anticipates this discovery 😉
VEB Plaho / Marolin Brontosaurus is a rare piece of history and deserves every collector´s appreciation. It sometimes shows up on ebay. I was lucky and have mine from a lot containing Chinasaurs and some Bullyland. At first I was not aware of the value of this item. It blew me away when I found it in Dana Cain´s and Mike Frederick´s “Dinosaur collectibles” book, where I also found most of the information you find in this review.

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