Iguanodon (Bullyland)(2010 Version)

Perhaps best known for their prehistoric mammals, Bullyland of Germany has been taking gradual steps to improve their line of dinosaur figures. Few figures exemplify this better than their latest version of Iguanodon, released in 2010.

Happily plodding on all fours, this gentle giant actually treads in the realm of action figures with an articulated left forearm. Although this results in a prominent seam, it shouldn’t turn away collectors looking for an exciting new rendition of the famous herbivore. The obvious impression one might receive, as Randy Knoll points out, is that Bullyland is emulating the playability of the Papo dinosaurs. Since it may prove costly to compete with Papo’s level of sculptural detail, Bullyland seems to favor the flashier paint schemes. This Iguanodon’s orange and green ornamentation certainly jumps out in any display or collection, even among its Bullyland kin (though the color combination does bear a strong resemblance to Bullyland’s Stegosaurus).

Tragically, Iguanodon has rarely been considered worthy of articulation or “action figure” status – at least since Disney’s heavily merchandised “Dinosaur” film. Even among the plethora of Jurassic Park figures that have been produced, no Iguanodon “action” toy could be found. This historically important species is often regarded as too plain or boring to deserve much attention from manufacturers, but the vivid tropical patterns on this figure seem to slap those assumptions in the face. He is back, and ready to stab you with his thumbs.

At 21 centimeters long, he fits in pretty well within collector displays. The alert stance is also somewhat difficult to come by in iguanodont reconstructions, so this figure’s dynamic posture also should provide good diorama potential. The articulated forearm is held off the ground, as is the tail. Positioned correctly, he even seems to be thrusting his fingers into the camera, as though rehearsing a hip-hop music video. The tongue is visible within the cheeked jaw, and the pupil glistens slightly – often a problematic area in other Bullyland dinosaurs.

Although the textural details could be a bit finer, this Iguanodon is easily one of Bullyland’s best dinosaurs. The beautiful balance of authenticity, playability, and aesthetic refinement make him worth the attention of collectors young and old.

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  1. Has the bullyland Giganotosaurus been reviewed already? If not, would it be possible for me to hand a review in?

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  3. Es quizás el mejor dinosaurio de la serie de Bullyland que se ha lanzado en el mercado. No decepciona a uno, al contrario, su apariencia está mejor hecha en figura real que en fotografía.

  4. It looks much better than i thought, even if the paint scheme still looks quite freaky ;D

  5. Marc (Horridus)

    The stance is highly reminiscent of the Invicta Muttaburrasaurus (which I reviewed aaaages ago).

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