Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2010 – Winners!

I’m happy to formally announce and showcase the winning ‘dinoramas’ in the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest – 2010. 17 unique dioramas were entered (the same number as last year in fact) and 48 members took part in the voting process. All of the entries and the results of the voting poll can still be seen here on the Dinosaur Toy Forum. The winners are as follows…

In first place with 28 votes is Paleoferroequine with a hugely detailed diorama “The Bully Boyz”. 1st place prize is a Carnegie Spinosaurus, Tylosaurus and Diplodocus.

Dinosaur Diorama

The Bully Boyz by Paleoferroequine

In second place (for the second year in a row) with 18 votes, is Pangolinmoth with “The Rite of Spring”. 2nd place prize is a
Carnegie Giganotosaurus, Amargasaurus, and Wild Safari Postosuchus.
Dinosaur Diorama

The Rite of Spring by Pangolinmoth

In joint third place with 16 votes each is Ikessauro with “Mother Nature Did Her Job!”…

Dinosaur Diorama

Mother Nature did her job by Ikessauro

…and Parajicosaurio with The Hidden Hunter. Both 3rd place winners will receive three small Safari Ltd figures each.
Dinosaur Diorama

The hidden hunter

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, and to all who voted, for making it a success again.

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  1. How do I enter in the next Dino Diorama contest? A little help please!!

  2. Man! I forgot to enter again! But WOW those are some fantastic dioramas! I can’t get over the attention to detail and creative camera angles of the winners. Excellent work, talented people!

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