Jobaria (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

The Procon CollectA line has released a number of exotic creatures for its prehistoric line, many of them associated with super-star paleontologist Paul Sereno. Typically these are only smallish figures for their “small” to “large” product lines; large “deluxe” figures tend to be only popular species that collectors will presumably be more comfortable with. With 2010’s Jobaria, CollectA has taken a much-needed risk on a relatively obscure sauropod, and the risk appears to have paid off. Jobaria is among the most beautiful and well-received dinosaurs the company has released this year.

One of the main highlights of Jobaria, besides the cool name, is the physiology of the creature. While many sauropods – particularly brachiosaurs – are now thought to have been poorly suited for standing on two legs, the robust Jobaria is different. It appears to have supported more weight on its hind limbs than forelimbs, and the skeletal restoration shown above (Thanks Blade-of-the-Moon) was likely a heavy influence in designing this figure.

CollectA’s Deluxe Jobaria shows little deviation from the stock photo, in fact. The rotund body shows a bit more “gut” than ribcage than it probably should, and the fleshy upper lip seems to snarl comically like the sauropods in old Hollywood films. The musculature and loose bits of sagging flesh add credibility to the piece, as does the rearing posture, which appears far more animated than CollectA’s previous rearing sauropod, the Rhoetosaurus.

Dark spots cover the grey body, while a dark red stripe runs down the length of the back. This is a rather striking adornment, as sauropod toys are typically given the dull treatment when it comes to paint schemes. This scarcely harms the realism of the figure, particularly since (like most CollectA figures) it looks more like a toy than a serious reconstruction of the species.

The somewhat dainty tail is curved, presumably allowing the most sturdy vertebrae to lend support to the standing behemoth. Nearly a full foot high, this creature is very compatible with most 1:40 collections. While it may retain the toy-like style the line is known for, this is surely a sign that CollectA is taking steps to improve the quality of their figures, and that can only lead to good things for collectors.

Available on eBay here.

8 Responses to Jobaria (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

  1. In the words of Pippin the hobbit at the Prancing Pony Inn at Bree (“Lord of the Rings” movie) when told the ale came in pints, “I’m getting one!” (Great review of a great sauropod dinosaur!)

  2. If I ever get some extra dough I’ll get this and beef up the chest, to make it what it should have been…

  3. Marc (Horridus)

    Regardless of the shrunken chest this is a nice figure. I hope Collecta make more like this and less like the new brachiosaur.

  4. Me parece junto con el Velociraptor de Collecta de lo mejor que han hecho. Mantengo que las patas del dinosaurios no están muy bien acabadas

  5. I’ve often been tempted by this one and now am quite sure I do like it. 😀

  6. Piltdown Chickenraptors

    *is not converted*

  7. CollectA are upping their game! This is one they should be proud of, and maybe, just maybe, could convert some haters?

  8. I’d like to point out that the pose (and the skeletal reconstruction) is identical to how the skeleton in the Australian Museum is posed.

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