Brachiosaurus (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

In any decent line of dinosaur figures, there is often a steady rate of progress as the quality of figures improve. For some, the application of paint is neater or more elaborate; for others, the heightened level of research before design results in a more scientifically sound reconstruction. Even the dinosaurs from Procon CollectA, notorious for their simple “kid-friendly” figures, have shown demonstrable improvement over the years. Several pieces from their 2010 lineup display this marked improvement.

The Deluxe Brachiosaurus doesn’t seem to be one of them.

The eye might be naturally drawn to this Brachiosaurus in a display or store shelf, but mainly because of its stature. At 11 inches high, it can be a sight to behold, if a somewhat gruesome one. The roughly pebbled surface of the body looks like concrete, and is not dissimilar in hue, save for a few splotches of green. The head is facing backwards on an awkwardly twisted neck, bearing neither the dedicated realism of a decent modern brachiosaur reconstruction, nor the monochromatic grace of the old Invicta Mamenchisaurus.

The skin sags embarrassingly in several spots, with circular folds rounding out the flanks – a feature that suspiciously resembles the sauropods of the Carnegie Collection. Perhaps more distressing is the visage of villainy the manufacturer has elected to convey with the figure. The full crimson eyes would make any animal look wicked (or outrageously silly), but they appear especially awkward on what should have been a gentle giant. The only real way to justify the red-eyed look is to place a Dino-Riders brain box on the poor chap, and hope the Rulons are daring enough to ride it into battle.

Sadly, the problems don’t stop at the eyes. Studying the top of the head, it would at first seem CollectA has attempted to highlight speculative resonating chambers with a bright orange huge. However, loyal readers will recall another 2010 Procon figure with suspicious-looking, bright orange cranial ornamentation. Clearly, these two figures were made for one another. I don’t know what’s been going on at CollectA lately, but someone there must be having a good laugh at us. Only time will tell whether the naughty headgear of these figures will help boost sales for the company. One shudders to think what the future may hold.

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    This model reminds me of the Brachiosaurus in the Arcade game Prehistoric isle

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  3. Es de lo peor que he visto en la marca Collecta junto con el Ankylosaurus, Agustinia y Spinosaurus de la misma marca. Muy basto se parece esta réplica a una figura de dibujos animados barato o a un dinosaurios de una película de serie B.

  4. The nostrils look very similar to the way Luis V Rey does his sauropods.(no insult ment by that)

  5. Marc (Horridus)

    Makes the 1989 Carnegie model look positively 21st century.

    There is one good thing about this model – it reminds me of the bizarre-o-brachiosaur in Blackgang Chine! 😀

  6. I think, it’s stil a very nice done model
    it’s a must have in every sauropods collection

  7. This is the reason why CollectA has so many critics, and I’m sure the comments will balance out all the praise in the last review – It’s difficult to comprehend that this thing is in the same line as that beautiful Jobaria:

  8. Not to be a total dick, but I think you should try taking the photos in another setting. It’s quite dark, and the yellow wall gives the figure a slight yellow tint.

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