Triceratops (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

As we all know, Triceratops is a staple of any dinosaur collection. CollectA’s standard sized line may have a Triceratops, but its cartoonish, caricature design leaves much to be desired – and adding a baby Triceratops figure doesn’t help. It may have taken some time, but in 2010, the company finally gave ol’ three horns a proper spot in their “Deluxe” line of prehistoric critters.

Conservative earthen tones are softly woven across the foot-long body of the Deluxe Triceratops – not unlike the dinosaurs that Schleich produces – but sadly wasting the potential color canvas that is the frill. It is surprising how many companies leave ceratopsid frills naked, despite the growing body of evidence that such structures were heavily (if not exclusively) used for display. The head is hoisted high into the air, as though fending off a tyrannosaur; this posture will also look quite familiar to Schleich collectors. The horns and tail tip are fairly sharp, but somewhat pliable, making them only moderately effective stabbing weapons for young children to wield against one another.

The skin texture is comprised of odd, angular patterns resembling cracked earth. My guess is this Trike would look right at home in an arid diorama scene. The cheeks have a shriveled, retracted quality that makes the beak seem bigger than it should. Ceratopsids probably did have cheeks to keep plant matter within the jaws during chewing, a noteworthy process given its long batteries of teeth. Most distinctive is the wattle under the neck. Similar features can be seen in iguanas, but with this creature’s upright, strolling posture, one cannot help but recall the endearing sagginess of a young Shar Pei. This is a more playful than fearsome interpretation of the Triceratops, so it fits fairly well within CollectA’s style, while still taking their aesthetic quality up a notch.

2 Responses to Triceratops (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

  1. It’s a shame that the head is very out of proportion. The rest of it looks somewhat ok

  2. Bastante flojo, el cuerpo esta hecho de una forma bastante basta. Y no están terminadas las patas. Solo le salva su tamaño gigantesco comparado con las demás marcas. Parece una interpretación del animal bastante mala y caricaturesca.

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