Parasaurolophus (Battat)(Boston Museum of Science)

Review by Dan Liebman, Photos by Mat Hockett

No dinosaur figure collection is complete without Parasaurolophus. While some may outclass her in a popularity contest, she is certainly the most well-known of all hadrosaurs. Her signature crest provides instant recognition, and this reconstruction for the Battat line includes a rarely-depicted stretch of skin running from the crest to the neck.

In recent years, paleontologists like Scott Sampson have contended that many of the exotic features so often found in dinosaurs were actually display structures. Indeed, many appear too fragile to be used in rigorous combat, so it is possible they were used to identify their species and attract mates.

The Battat dinosaurs are known for their flashy color schemes, but it’s plain to see that some extra attention was spent on the crest of this animal. It’s likely the artists also interpreted this as a showy structure, and collectors will no doubt nod feverishly at the suggestion that these figures were “ahead of their time.”

The golden body is lined with cyan along the back, a color which echoes across the entire length of the body and culminates at the head. A series of dark marks underscore the pattern from the ribcage, and continuing on to the anterior of the animal. Many companies seem to skimp on hadrosaurs, perhaps assuming their efforts should be focused on species that will sell better, but no effort seems to have been spared with this piece. Even the eyes are unusually intense for a hadrosaur replica.

Fortunately, the Parasaurolophus is only a moderately rare figure by Battat standards, so they tend to show up on eBay with some regularity. Prices can fluctuate of course, but this one rarely exceeds the $60 range. For any fan of the species, this is easily a must-have, and certainly one of the finest renditions of Parasaurolophus walkeri ever to be produced.

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  3. I NEEEEEEEED ONE!!!!!!!!

    I have a similarly coloured litle figure that I carry around with me everywhere and I want a mummy for him. :p

  4. That is one, perfect figure, along with the wild safari parasaurolophus and baby also with great detail. Thinking about it at my birthday.

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  6. A nice overall sculpt even if it’s a bit lazily finished. Paint finish is the usual Battat blobby style though although the colours are striking.

  7. It is beautiful. I can’t wait for mine to arrive (a little war-worn though it is). 🙂

  8. Wow! How beautiful!

  9. “Her signature crest provides instant recognition”

    This just made me giggle, since it’s the male in most species who have the doofy crests.

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