Wooden Theropod of unknown origin

The title of this review does not really sound promising, does it? But in the next few lines I´ll do my best to entertain you and of course introduce to you my recent acquisition:


My perception of what is a toy includes extraordinary fellows like this one. The theropod – it is probably a Tyrannosaurus but for a reason I´ll explain later I can´t really tell – is 38 cm long and 17,5 cm tall. Its body is divided into lamellae who make it somewhat flexible. It is fun to play with it, even my little daughter would confirm this. The theropod is – hey, it´s wooden – brown. What makes it interesting is the patterns that run frum its neck to the tip of its tail: Tan snakes, green and brown ellipses and black stripes are accompanied by diamond grids at the arms, the feet and all over the body.
Its head looks a little like Kermit the Frog´s – I even think the theropod is smiling.
So it is a friendly little carnivore without any teeth, without any claws and – unfourtunately – also without any hands.


They seem to have broken off somewhere in its history. And who knows how and where this dude spent the last years? There is a ragged rest of a sticker on its belly, but I don´t know if it is a price label or could have told me about the company.
The fact that our friend lost both hands make it impossible to find its species. Most probably it is a Tyrannosaurus.


I found it at a flea market and since I am a collector I took it with me. I could and still cannot tell if this one is African handcraft, cheap bulk commodity or a real work of art. Maybe some of you can help? No matter what will be revealed about this fellow in the future – it will always be “my” find and one of the most uncommon parts of my collection.

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  1. This design is characteristic of Mexican handicrafts. Snakes made of pretty much the same material, and the patterns.
    Here’s a low resolution photo of the snake: http://img2.mlstatic.com/jm/img?s=MLU&f=29614694_970.jpg&v=P
    I think I might be able to find this awesome wooden “Tyrannosaurus”
    By the way, I don’t think its hands are broken; it’s pretty common that the makers leave “unfinished” this kind of details.

  2. I have a sourapod, thats made like this, exept it has no collering on it
    i got it at a Flying J gass station in Mossori

  3. PrimevalRaptor

    A friend of mine had a Nothosaur-like creature in similar style.

  4. Marc (Horridus)

    I like it too. That would really stand out in a collection.

  5. Looks like a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that you will find in tourist bazaars … you know, some craftsman makes a number of types of figures, but each one is a little different because they are all hand-crafted separately…

    nice find!

  6. That’s actually kind of cool! I like it!!!

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