Tyrannosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

Favorite (formerly Kinto) of Japan is known for their many “museum quality” pieces, which consist of both flesh-on reconstructions and skeletal models. Probably their most impressive line includes the finished models sculpted by Michael Trcic, the esteemed artist responsible for the Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus. While these mass produced statues might be a far cry from Trcic’s original sculptures, the incredible skill of the artist still manages to shine through. The line’s Tyrannosaurus has been crafted at 1:24 scale, and commands considerable presence at a whopping 47 centimeters long.

The tyrant king appears lean and active, the prototypical look of a dinosaur in the 1990’s; hot-blooded and always on the move. One leg is held up in the air, as though charging or kicking at some unseen creature. This is quite similar to a resin kit that Trcic produced, which portrayed the animal with its leg even higher in the air. It was intended as a companion piece for his “running” Triceratops kit, and the Triceratops in his Favorite line also appears to be charging in an active gallop, so it stands to reason the two should make excellent opponents in a display. Whatever the case, it seems clear these original sculptures were a strong influence on the design of the Favorite statues.

Today, we might find such acrobatic displays laughable when one considers the multi-ton weight of each animal. However, the finely honed skill of the artist lends tremendous credibility to the sculpt. The muscles in the thighs extend and tighten, and the neck flexes in an almost defensive posture. This might be the moment before the strike, which is quite refreshing since theropods are too often displayed with fully gaping jaws. The ventral surfaces are sandy-hued, while the bulk of the body is the color of chocolate. The sand-coloring is also used in a neatly jagged arrangement of stripes lining the back, a pleasant yet naturalistic pattern for a prehistoric predator. The paint becomes a bit sloppier once it reaches the mouth, even if the sculptural attention to detail is quite good. A glossy black lends a lifelike quality to the eyes, a bit like a shark or a cuddly teddy bear, if you prefer.

The figure stands quite precariously with only one foot on a base of rocks, which is set upon a curved wood base, complete with species nameplate. The delicate nature of the Favorite statues becomes far more problematic when the statues reach this size, and as one might guess, the ankle on this Rex is a common point of breakage during shipping. There are several ways Favorite might be able to remedy this. Softer packing foam in place of styrofoam would help absorb stress during transit, but can be costly – even Sideshow Collectibles will use only small bars of soft foam to line many of their statues. Taking another cue from Sideshow, Favorite could elect to have the figure and base shipped as separate pieces, to be assembled upon arrival. One can only hope they seek a solution soon, as the breakage problem is a terrible blight upon one of the best lines of finished models still on the market.

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  3. Es un animal bastante bien hecho para los tiempos que corrían los años 90 y el material para hacer estos animales. Para un coleccionista como yo es una pieza muy interesante, quizás con todas sus irregularidades paleontólogicas de lo mejor que se ha hecho sobre el Tyranosaurio, superando a los hechos por empresas actuales. Aunque este animal está hecho por un material más noble que el plástico.

  4. I’ve got this statue and my friend Scott has the Trike. They’re both wonderful. We got ’em at our first SVP in Cleveland! Memories!

  5. This is truly a beautiful T.rex model and it goes well with the Trike (which seems to be hovering on one foot). Anyways, even though the sideshow T.rex maquette might steal the show, this T.rex is worth purchasing for any T.rex fanatics out there~

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