Ouranosaurus (Battat)

Despite the distinctive and unusual appearance of the sail-backed Ouranosaurus, it is rather rare in toy form. When it comes to iguanodontids, most companies tend to opt for the more generic and more familiar Iguanodon. Starlux, Schleich and CollectA have produced replicas of this fascinating species as well (review of the Schleich Ouranosaurus here), but the Battat figure is by far and away the superior figure.

Ouranosaurus battat

The skull is incredibly accurate, it is sculpted long and low, with ridges above the eyes, and the rostrum is correctly expanded towards the tip. In the latter character it resembles the duck-like bill of hadrosaurids. The mouth is slightly agape and a fleshy tongue is visible, the details are spectacular, especially when you consider that the head is little more than 2cm long (less than an inch).

Ouranosaurus battat

The body of the beautifully sculpted Battat Ouranosaurus is equally accurate. It sports the prominent dorsal sail, which rises steeply at the base of the neck and curves gently all the way to the tip of the tail. The figure occupies a quadropedal pose, however, the left arm is elegantly raised in mid-stride, and the right root is slightly raised, endowing the figure with a fluid sense of motion. The delicate hoof-like hands also show a spike like thumb, much like it’s close relative Iguanodon. The tiny fifth digit (or little finger) is also individually sculpted.

Ouranosaurus battat

The colour of the body is green below and yellow above. A striking pattern of red spots decorates the flanks of the body and sail, and contrast sharply with the yellow. At a tiny 16.5 cm long, this figure is spectacularly detailed, impressively accurate, and hugely appealing – all bow down to the Battat Ouranosaurus!

Ouranosaurus battat

Battat figures are longer in production but are sometimes available on www.ebay.com

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  1. This figure has such a simple elegance to it – something many makers just don’t manage to stumble upon regardless of the species…

  2. Hello, I am from Chile, and I must say I had a great opportunity to acquire a lot for eBay, along with Carnotaurus, Gallimimus, Styracosaurus and Amargasaurus, and it really is amazing the amount of detail and accuracy of these figures, given that they are so old.

    Now I’m waiting for the Battat Diplodocus, which is superb (The original Museum of Science) and I regret that has not yet given a review on the blog.

    Greetings to all and excuse the English I’m using Google translator.

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