Eustreptospondylus (Procon CollectA)

Review by forumite Foooman666 (edited by Horridus)

The subject of my review today has been previously reviewed here, but the review in question seems to have been removed, so I decided to do a new one myself. The toy I’m going to review is none other than the much loathed CollectA Eustreptospondylus.

Eustreptospondylus itself was a mid-sized megalosaurid theropod from from the Middle Jurassic of southern England. It achieved a small amount of fame when it was featured in an episode of Walking With Dinosaurs, in which one was eaten by a Liopleurodon at the start of the second episode, and a pair ate a beached Liopleurodon at the end. Anyway, back to the toy. The first thing I can say is a no brainer to anyone looking at it – simply put, it’s UGLY. The eyes seem to be placed too high in the skull and are are really black slits more than eyes, the teeth look more like shark teeth than dinosaur teeth and to top it off they’re set in lovely pink which stands out way too much.

Moving down the body we see that the forearms are pronated (sigh) and the legs just seem to be attached weirdly, the thighs seem to thin and the feet are too large (this is probably to help it stand more than anything else). And, last but not least, the tail is too short.

Overall this is a terrible replica, but currently is the only replica of Eustreptospondylus available. Despite all of its inaccuracies and the bad sculpt I consider it to have a lot of character, and so it holds a special place in my collection. For those who can get over the ugliness or are just desperate to have a Eustreptospondylus in their collection, he is available wherever CollectA figures are sold or at various places online.

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  1. Geoworld has made one, which may be better. Am considering adding that one to the collection.

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  3. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con el autor, pero ¿Cómo a estas alturas un animal tan conocido no lo haya hecho la marca Safari o Papo, sería interesante que se realizase.

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