Elasmosaurus (Horizon)

Photos and Review by Boki

What I have here is the resin version of the Horizon Elasmosaurus model kit. The resin versions were produced to be used by vendors as display samples of the vinyl kit and not mass produced. Its limited production and sales should make it one of the rarer and highly sought Horizon models around.

This model is much smaller than the Kaiyodo one, measuring 13.5″ from nose tip to tail tip, compared to the giant Kaiyodo which measures a good 29″! Upon receiving the figure, I was immediately struck by its beauty and grace. It truly is one of the most beautifully sculpted elasmosaurs out there. It is also amazingly heavy. The figure is rich in details from head to tail. The head in particular is very well sculpted.

As you would notice, the neck is in a swan-like position, inaccurate of course, but it reflects the common design used on the majority of plesiosaur models/figures. Besides, it’s an older model dated 1993 (stamped on the bottom). As far as accuracy, I’m not an expert so I can’t say much about that, and most of you already know that it’s not a deciding factor for me. Other than that, the figure is elegantly posed as if its battling the waves as it breaks the surface.

The figure comes with a wooden base that has a resin “waves” on top of it that you can put the figure in. It also have a plaque on the front with the name Elasmosaur printed on it. The waves are sculpted to fit the figure securely. Being made out of resin, the figure can be delicate and must be handled accordingly to avoid breaking the neck and paddles.

Cost wise, the figure was offered at a very reasonable price. In fact it is cheaper than most Kinto desktop models. It truly is a great investment, so if you are looking for a guaranteed showpiece, I highly recommend getting one… while you can. This was the first and only time I have come across the resin version being offered for sale. The vinyl version you can find fairly regularly on ebay. I used to have one, but gave it away after giving up on trying to assemble it. The model fits in nicely with my other two resin marine reptiles, the mosasaur and short-necked plesiosaur. It also displays nicely with my Kinto desktop models,

5 Responses to Elasmosaurus (Horizon)

  1. I did not this kind of Plesiosaurus

  2. That should be “spine.” Typo.

  3. The torso on that is amazing. Normally they’re sculpted as smooth ovals or skeletons with skin, and with a stiff arched spined. This thing has some muscle, and it’s using it. Like a real living creature.

  4. I like Elasmosaurus, but the head on this figure is really horrible!

  5. Very nice. So to confirm, this version isn’t a kit and comes as a one-piece model that requires no construction? In that case I’ll keep my eyes open for it! Like you, I have no time for the vinyl versions 🙁

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