Male Velociraptor (Jurassic Park III by Kaiyodo)

The Jurassic Park movies are what led Velociraptor to its great fame and popularity in popular culture. This dinosaur has been represented many times in Jurassic Park memorabilia, collectibles, and toys. It is fitting that when Kaiyodo produced a set of 13 figures based on the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park 3, figures of both the male and female Velociraptors in the movie were produced. Today we will take a look at the male Velociraptor figure.

Unlike most theropod figures, this Velociraptor is in a rather static pose. Instead of roaring or preparing to attack, it is simply walking, perhaps eying something in the distance. The sculpt is an excellent one. The detailing is exquisite for a figure only around 3 inches (7.6 cm) long. The musculature is well defined, and the skin is detailed with natural looking skin folds, as well as scales and pads around the feet and hands. Even the teeth are well detailed and painted. In addition, the figure has a small row of feathers along the back of its neck. Just like the similarly sized Dinotales figures, this Velociraptor has an excellent sculpt despite its small size.

However, this sculpt is not without its flaws. Since this Velociraptor is intended to represent a movie “monster” and not a scientifically accurate portrayal of the animal, one can ignore the major inaccuracies such as the pronated hands, deep skull, and lack of feathers. But the sculpt has some differences from the male Velociraptor seen in Jurassic Park 3. For one, the hands are too large. The shape of the head is slightly off. In addition, the feathers on the back of the neck are too plentiful. In the movie, they are rather sparse, unlike the dense Mohawk of this figure.

In addition, the paint job on this Velociraptor is not completely movie accurate. In the movie, the male Velociraptor is mainly a mixture of blue and brown. However, the paint scheme on this figure is mainly a light cream color with blue markings. In addition, the feathers have light markings on them, while the feathers on the figure are a solid blue. However, the paint job is not completely bad. While not as of high quality as some of the later Dinotales figures, the paint job is still quite detailed. The teeth are all individually painted, and the eyes are well painted, which gives them a malicious expression.

Despite its flaws, this Velocirapor is a nice little figure to have, especially for Jurassic Park fans. Acquiring it, however, is not too easy. The set that this Velociraptor was part of was only sold in Japan, and is likely to be long retired. Luckily, this figure is one of the more common ones out of the set on eBay, and can be found in both individual auctions (for no more than a few dollars) or in listings selling the entire set (for around $40). If you are a Jurassic Park fan or just a fan of theropods in general, you should look into acquiring this figure sometime.

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  1. El velocirraptor es uno de mis dinosaurios favoritos.Particularmente,prefiero la versión que sacó el año pasado Bullyland.Me parece superior en cuanto a postura y creo que es una versión mas “científica” que ésta,y la textura emplumada está mejor conseguida.Es lo malo de las figuras que están basadas en películas y no en criterios paleontológicos.A la marca Papo le sucede algo similar.

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